June 19, 2010


DJ Toks & Outtahand Presents Centro Side Records Presents The Remix Tape

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1. (Intro) - Mr. Blue [Produced by Outtahand]
2. Centro Side Rollcall (Outtahand Remix) - Mr. Blue/The Creeper/Loco Sniper/ Swifty/Wicked One/Lil Evil/Mz. Greedy/Blunted One/Outtahand/Precise
3. We Stay Riding (Dj Toks Remix) – The Creeper
4. Cali Calision (Outtahand Remix) - T-Dre/Delux of C.L.S./Mr. Blue/Blunted One
5. No Love (Dj Toks Remix) - T-Dre/Mr. Blue/Blunted One
6. En Mi Pueblo (Mal Hablado Remix) - Mr. Blue/Ese Ghost/Blunted One/Young Spanks
7. Another Body Lifeless (Dj Toks Remix) - Mr. Blue/The Creeper/Sicoe
8. Stop Hating (Dj Toks Remix) - Loco Sniper/Mr. Blue
9. This Shit Is Gangster (Outtahand Remix)- The Creeper/Mr. Blue
10. Talk The Talk (Dj Toks Remix) - Mr. Blue/Lil Evil
11. Hoppin In My Low Low (Outtahand Remix) - Mr. Blue/Delux/Young Spanks/Blunted One
12. If You Feel Like I Feel (Outtahand Remix) - T-Dre/40 Loco/Blunted One/Elco/The Creeper/Outtahand/Lil Evil
C13. Summertime, Summertime (Outtahand Remix) - Outtahand
1X. You Can’t Test The Centro (Dj Toks Remix) - Loco Sniper/Swifty/The Creeper
15. True South Siders (Dj Toks Remix) - Loco Sniper/Lil Evil/Mr. Blue
16. True Blue Surenos (Dj Toks Remix) - Lil Evil/Mr. Blue/Blunted One/The Creeper
17. Quel Drole Del Monte [Produced By DJ Toks]
- Winny/Mr. Blue
18. Everybody Hit The Floor (Outtahand Remix) - The Creeper/Mr. Blue/Loco Sniper
19. (Bonus Track) Look Into My Eyes [Produced by Outtahand] - Wicked One
20. (Bonus Track) Come Out And Play [Produced by Outtahand] – Precise
21. (Bonus Track) R.I.P Mr. Blue [Produced by Outtahand] - Mr. Blue
22. (Bonus Track) They Thought They Killed Me [Produced by Mr. Blue] - Lil Cyclone/Ese Suspect
23. (Bonus Track) Dia De Los Muertos [Produced by Mr. Blue] - Ben Davis/Ese Player/Lil Evil